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Good Posture

Posture is about more than simply sitting up straight in your chair. It’s about keeping your body’s alignment in good shape to promote better health. Our team is commonly asked about posture, so we decided to create a brief blog post outlining the main points.

What is good posture?

Good posture comes in two forms: static and dynamic.

Static posture refers to our body’s position when we’re sitting, laying and just generally resting.

Dynamic posture refers to our body’s alignment when we’re moving, including how we walk, run, and bend.

However, good posture – although primarily fixed on our physical state – is also important to our mental state. Just think back to the awful mood swings you had when your back was misshapen! Poor posture can trigger migraines and headaches as well as many more physical conditions, such as joint stiffness, respiratory issues and sacroiliac pain.

What are the benefits of improving your posture?

There are several benefits of improving your posture which includes, but isn’t limited to:

– A reduction in pain – not just for your back but also for your neck.

– Better balance.

– Reduced stress and anxiety.

– Higher energy levels and a willingness to get more exercise.

How to improve your posture

One way to improve your posture – apart from a trip to the chiropractor – is to start your day right with a series of stretches. Our position that we recommend you try is the upper body stretch. To do this, place the palms of your hands against the corner of a wall, keeping your elbows at the same height as your shoulder. Then, with one foot ahead of the other, bend your knee. Make sure that you keep your head and your chest up and continue for around 20-30 minutes.

Other favourites include the abdominal pull-in, the arm-across-chest stretch, the shoulder blade squeeze and the chin tuck. We recommend mixing the order you do these in throughout the week.

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