The four everyday activities giving you back pain

The onset of back pain comes from what seems like nowhere; one day you wake up, feel throbbing in a specific area of your back, and before you know it you are clutching at your sides and unable to move. Does this sound familiar?
As chiropractors, we know the majority of back pain we treat comes from the everyday activities we do in our lives, from the same action repeated over and again, and the activities we enjoy daily. In this article, we reveal the surprising everyday activities causing your back pain!
Relaxing by the TV

Have you ever felt sore after spending a few hours on the couch? While we may think relaxing should be good for the body, all the time we invest in watching the screen can be the cause of unexplainable back pain. What happens during couch time is most people neglect their posture, forget to sit up straight, and tilt their head forward, resulting in lower or upper back pain, depending on the lounging position.
Working at a desk, sitting all day and hunching over your keyboard can be a major contributor to back pain, as well as neck and shoulder pain. Just like sitting on the couch, the back pain caused from your desk is likely due to poor body positioning combined with a lack of movement. As chiropractors, we advise desk dwellers on exercises, stretches and the perfect work station set up, as well as provide any preventive treatments to ensure back pain doesn’t worsen.
While you might be trying to get in shape or improve your overall health, there is such a thing as too much exercise. Improper form, lifting weights above your ability and neglecting crucial recovery periods can cause lower and upper back pain, resulting in extended periods of simplified exercising or complete immobilisation of the body.   
There may not be an activity you do that is causing your back pain, it may simply be that your body doesn’t have the right postural foundations to support your movement. Poor posture can make any normal activity seem painful, especially when undertaking a new routine. As chiropractors, we offer postural analysis, assessing how to help improve your posture so that everyday activities may not cause you pain.  
Are you experiencing pain from everyday life, from sitting, standing or exercise? Book in to see one of our professionals, and evaluate your treatment options today!

Photo: Middle Spine by planetc1 licensed under Creative commons 5