How to get good posture

One question that we’re often asked by our clients is how to get good posture. Not only does good posture improve spine health, but it could also help with pain management. Here are three habits to get into to improve your posture whilst waiting for an appointment with a My Chiro chiropractor.

Do some upper body stretches

Doing an upper body stretch a day could help to keep the pain associated with bad posture at bay. Start off by standing and facing the wall, then put your arms out straight and place your palms flat against the wall. You know you’re doing this correctly if your elbows rest at shoulder height.

The next step is to place one foot in front of the other and bend the knee of your leading leg forward, leaning into the corner of the wall. Take some deep breaths and keep your back straight, your head up and your chest puffed outwards. If done correctly, you will begin to feel your body stretching. Hold this position for around 20-30 seconds.

Hold your phone at eye level

It’s common for those suffering from neck stiffness to cite using their phones as one of the main aggressors of this pain. With many of us now spending hours on end on our phones, whether that’s spent messaging our friends or watching video content, ‘text neck’ is becoming increasingly common and could affect our posture.

To break this habit, we recommend you start holding your phone at eye level. This forces you to lift your neck up whilst on your phone, meaning that you aren’t as hunched over.

Start using a stand up desk

Whether working at home or in the office, using stand up desks regularly is a good habit to get into to improve your posture. Many of us spend all day sitting down, leaning over our laptops. Switching between standing up and sitting down, and ensuring the top of your screen is level with your eyes, will help to combat poor posture and hunched shoulders.

For more information about improving your posture, contact us at My Chiro today.