If knee pain is slowing you down, find a chiropractor

Knee pain is extremely common – and extremely disruptive to your daily life. An aching or throbbing knee can make it uncomfortable to drive, excruciating to go up and down steps, and painful to walk even short distances. As for taking part in your favourite sport or roughhousing with the kids on the weekend, forget it! But is there anything you can do besides taking painkillers and resting?

Your local chiropractor may just have the answer.

Causes of knee pain

Knee pain can have many different causes, including injuries, arthritis, poor posture, spine misalignment, and pinched nerves. Though the effects on your mobility and comfort may be the same, each of these presents unique challenges, and the nature of your underlying issue will dictate which course of action is appropriate. This means that, before proceeding with any treatment, it’s important to determine the source of your pain. A good chiropractor can help you to determine the cause of your discomfort, or can work with you to address an issue that has already been diagnosed.

Chiropractic care to help your sore knee

Once the source of your pain is known, your chiropractor can choose from a variety of different therapies to find one that is appropriate to your needs. In some cases, chiropractic care may help you to resolve an underlying issue, allowing your knee to heal over time. For example, poor posture or spine misalignment can put undue pressure on your knees, and resolving this through the use of spinal adjustment or posture correction may eliminate the issue fully. In other cases, when discomfort is caused by an ongoing condition such as arthritis, your chiropractor may recommend treatments such as trigger point therapy or ultrasound therapy, which aim to reduce pain and increase joint

In either case, your chiropractor may also suggest that lifestyle and nutrition counselling could help you to change behaviours which are causing or exacerbating your pain. For example, excess weight puts unnecessary strain on your knees. Working with your chiropractor to achieve a healthier lifestyle could help reduce your weight and alleviate much of your discomfort.

Ready to get started?

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