Sports Injuries: the main reasons for getting injured during sports

From the summer months when everyone is taking up tennis and cricket to the winter when we turn to football and rugby, Sydney dwellers love to play sports all year round. However, as local chiropractors, we treat sports fanatics of every age level, addressing the injuries that arise from playing their favourite sporting activities. In this article, we share with you the main reasons people get hurt while playing a sport, outlining the simple actions to avoid permanent joint, shoulder and back pain that is common with seasonal games.

Neglecting the warm-up and cool down

Playing sport is like any other form of exercise or activity; the body needs to slowly become used to the intensity of the game, especially for the major joint areas like the hips, shoulders and spine. Though it may be a friendly game on the weekend with friends, injury is just as likely to occur without adequate warm-ups, such as stretching, light movement and basic drills. Cooling down is just as important, and should be completed in the same way.

Neglecting established injuries and pain

Though incidental exercise such as casual sports playing with friends and family is excellent for your health, this innocent fun can play havoc with existing injuries and pain. During these occasions, it’s essential to consider your pain seriously; if your local chiropractor has advised that you wear support braces, or alike strapping, don’t neglect these during your sporting fun. Exacerbating your condition, such as persistent back pain, hip pain or shoulder issues, isn’t worth it in the long run, so you are best to manage your abilities during this time.

Extended time exercising

For those who don’t play sport often, or aren’t physically fit, sporting injuries can happen simply through lack of conditioning or stamina to survive an entire match or playing session. Such activities become worsened when the exercise is drastically outside the scope of regular body movements, such as pressure on the shoulder joints during throwing and catching, or around the elbow joint while swinging a racquet. As you begin playing the sport, start slow, committing to smaller game segments and reduced playing time for the first few sessions.

Poor technique

Though you don’t need to be a professional to play and enjoy sports, poor technique can easily lead to injuries and permanent joint pain. Repeated poor technique can see patients easily trip and fall, or become injured by extending a part of the body inaccurately. Understanding the basic execution techniques of the game is essential to avoiding injury; if this education isn’t available to you, consider modifying the game to better suit your experience level and mobility restraints.

If you’re looking to undertake a new sport or physical activities with your loved ones, seek the advice of one of your local chiropractors here at MyChiro, so you can begin moving safely and injury-free.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay