Chiropractor For Back Pain

The top five pain relief techniques

Many people choose to visit a chiropractor when they are experiencing pain or tension in their muscles and joints. Chiropractors are trained to administer effective techniques designed to reduce or resolve pain and discomfort. Here’s some helpful information about the top five techniques your chiropractor might use in the course of your treatment.

Hands-on care

This pain relief technique is the most common method used by a chiropractor to reduce pain. Your chiropractor will use their hands to examine your muscles and joints and identify painful or tense areas. It’s a fantastic soft tissue manipulation method that helps reduce muscle tension while improving circulation.


Adjustments are used by chiropractors to relieve spinal pressure, which causes joint pain and stiffness. During an adjustment, your chiropractor will administer controlled pressure to points in your spine to manipulate it into its correct position. Your chiropractor will be expertly trained and knowledgeable in how to deliver adjustments correctly.

Therapeutic exercise

Your chiropractor will help you with pain relief and rehabilitation by teaching you proper exercise techniques. What works for one person in the way of exercise might not work for another. Your chiropractor will assess your needs and tailor an exercise program to match your circumstances and your healthcare goals.


A chiropractor will use expert massage techniques to reduce tension and pain, increase circulation to an area, and ease any muscle spasms.


A chiropractor may use acupuncture, which involves inserting thin needles as a method of stimulating a particular point, to help relieve any musculoskeletal pain and tension in your body. Acupuncture also helps to improve the long-term results of chiropractic treatment. To be able to administer acupuncture, your chiropractor will need to complete additional training.

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