Can chiropractic care help with anxiety?

In the wake of the last two years, anxiety is something that more people than ever are familiar with. While you may know that mental health can have an effect on your body, you might not consider visiting a chiropractor as part of your journey to improving your mental health. Is it worth seeking chiropractic care if you have anxiety? Read on to find out.

Anxiety and tension

As you become more anxious, your body is more likely to be tense. This is because anxiety activates your “fight or flight” response, sometimes meaning you may be in a constant state of readiness. This tension can result in migraines, back pain, neck problems and joint stiffness. Which are all issues that the best chiropractors may be able to help you with.

Chiropractic care and relaxation

When you visit a chiropractor for an adjustment, the main purpose is often to try and relax joints and tissues that are tense. As your chiropractor works on you, the range of motions made during an adjustment aims to improve your circulation and overall joint function. This may lead to an overall reduction in tension, which some patients feel can ease the “fight or flight” part of their nervous system.

The hormone factor

Hormones may also play a part in chiropractic care and how it relates to anxiety. Spinal adjustments are thought to release “happy hormones”, which can result in feelings of calm and well-being.

Why sleep matters

While not all anxiety is caused by physical pain, if you are tense and aching it can be harder to fall asleep peacefully, and remain in a deep, high-quality sleep. Anxiety can render it more difficult to sleep all on its own, and physical tension may make it more difficult to get comfortable. Chiropractic care seeks to find the source of pain and discomfort and calm the physical body, so that in some cases you may find you are able to sleep more easily. This in itself may relieve feelings of anxiety caused by insomnia.

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